SAF Lock - Altor Locks
SAF Lock - Altor Locks
SAF Lock - Altor Locks
SAF Lock - Altor Locks
SAF Lock - Altor Locks
SAF Lock - Altor Locks
SAF Lock - Altor Locks
SAF Lock - Altor Locks
SAF Lock - Altor Locks
SAF Lock - Altor Locks

SAF Lock

The Altor SAF Lock is the world's first angle grinder proof bicycle lock. Angle grinders have become the new norm in bike theft, yet every bike lock on the market is only designed to protect against hand tools. At Altor, we've been making and selling bike locks for years and have seen first-hand how destructive angle grinders can be. It became our mission to do the impossible.

We created the best, most secure bike lock in the world. Made from a 14mm hardened steel shackle, wrapped in our patented aluminum shell, and attached on both sides to a double-locking cross bar inside a hardened steel case, the SAF Lock will defend your bike against even the most determined attack.

 The SAF Lock Features:

  • A 14mm hardened steel shackle
  • Our patented aluminum protective shackle
  • 80mm shackle diameter
  • Double Locking Cross Bar
  • High security disc detainer lock mechanism
  • Soft Outer Coating to protect your bike
  • 6.2 kgs total weight
  • 200 x 280 mm outer dimension
  • 80 x 140 mm inner dimension

This Package Includes:

  • An Altor SAF Locks
  • matching laser engraved high security disc detainer keys

All of our products are covered by our extensive warranty and 30 day trial

Due to supply chain delays, The SAF Lock is currently out of stock. We regret the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


Will begin shipping the latter half of  September 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
clara W.
The only outdoor lock worth using

I normally use my Fahgeddaboutit Lock, the Abus Granit Xplus, AND Pitlocks on my wheels; but I consider those adequate only in low-risk situations. I know that if an experienced thief has more than a few minutes to work on these, they really don't pose any obstacle; accordingly, til now I have never left my bike unattended for more than an hour outside, even with all my locks. However, for the last month it has been unfortunately necessary for me to leave my bike locked outside overnight, a horrifying prospect for me. I was reluctant to spend the money on the SAF lock; but I forced myself to answer this question honestly: if tomorrow my bike was stolen, would I regret not buying the SAF lock? The answer was yes, of course. The replacement costs would not only include my bike, but also all the locks I had used to secure it. Another obvious downside is the weight: I can barely lift the thing, I almost need two hands to lift the shackle alone. Also, the locking configurations are limited: there's only one way I can lock the frame to the rack, because it's too thick to work any other way. But The Altor SAF lock is the only security measure that exists on the planet that offers my bike any theft protection for more than 2 minutes, and I am so grateful for that. Thank you Altor.

Kevin M.

This lock is a beast! I'd think the sight of it alone would be a deterrent to a would-be thief.

Opening it can be a bit tricky requiring working the key around a bit -- presumably that's attributable to the lock being designed to be difficult to pick. But it can be a bit fussy and awkward to open depending on how the lock is hanging. I recommend practicing with it some before using it in the wild, particularly if you're going to be in situations where you want to open it in a hurry.

The weight is formidable. Not an issue for my ebike, but I can see why some would buy it with intent of leaving it at a preferred parking spot. If riding with it, the challenge is how to carry it. I've been dangling it from the top tube but that's admittedly a bit awkward with the width of the lock and is noisy over bumps. If it gets too annoying I might hanging it from the top tube with a couple of heavy duty velcro straps with multiple wraps.

Also worth noting that the shackle very thick, which is by intent to help protect against angle grinders. So thick I can't get it through my spokes, so you may want to add a cable if you want to secure your wheel(s) along with your frame.

If size, weight & price are secondary to securing your bike frame (as they are for me) this is the lock.

Kiara O.

This lock is HUGE! I purchased one for my zugo ebike and honestly it's so huge and heavy I don't think any thief would bother trying to cut through this thing. Other than the fact that the lock is super heavy, I think it's the perfect lock for anyones expensive investment!

Bike thieves using angle grinders in broad daylight is the new normal. Don't let it happen to you.

Click here to see why #BikeThievesSuck

The SAF Lock is perfect for...

Overnight Locking

The SAF Lock is the ideal lock for keeping your bike safe overnight. It is specially designed to thwart any attempts to cut it. This isn't your everyday carry lock. This is the world's strongest lock.


Your E-bike is a valuable target for would-be thieves, and at 13.2 lbs (6.0 kg) the SAF Lock weighs less than many chain locks you may already be considering using. The only, and most important, difference is that those chains can be cut in under 45 seconds while the SAF Lock can't.

Frustrated Cyclists

Has your bike been stolen? After years of designing and selling locks, we know that angle grinders defeat even the best of locks. Since the advent of the affordable portable angle grinder, thieves have increasingly traded up their bolt cutters for angle grinders. The SAF Lock is the first and only lock designed to combat this.

Bicycling Magazine
Cut Test

Bicycling Magazine took our lock to task and produced a comprehensive testing video. While it takes seconds to get through normal bicycle locks, it took Bicycling Magazine over an hour and multiple angle grinders, blades and batteries to get through our lock. Read and watch their complete review here.

Read More

Angle Grinder Resistant

The combination of material and geometry of the SAF Tech shell quickly wears through angle grinder discs and batteries.

Pick Resistance

Designed from the ground up, the SAF Lock uses an eight disc disc-detainer lock mechanism with false gates and a unique key profile that makes picking as difficult as possible.

Resists Traditional Attacks

While the SAF Tech protects from angle grinders, The SAF Lock's through-hardened steel core shackle and anti-rotation locking bars stand up to the toughest of hand tools.

LockPickingLawyer Pick Test

The LockPickingLawyer says "the chances of this being picked on the streets are essentially zero". Watch as he picks the SAF Lock with a pick he custom made himself because there are no picks commercially available for the SAF Lock.

Double Up

The Double SAF Lock comes with eight matching keys, so you can share with a friend and have a backup in case one is lost. Leave one at work and one at home, or share one with a friend

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The interior of SAF Lock is the
same size as many U-locks.

The SAF Lock weighs less than some of the highest security chain locks on the market.

SAF Lock

(Angle Grinder Dies First)
13.2 Pounds / 6000 Grams

Leading Chain Lock

(18 Second Cut Time)
15.25 Pounds / 6920 Grams



Pounds: 13.2

Grams: 6000

Shackle Diameter

Inches: 3.2

mm: 80

Lock Outer Width

Inches: 8.0

mm: 200

Lock Outer Length

Inches: 11.0

mm: 280

Lock Inner Width

Inches: 3.2

mm: 80

Lock Inner Height

Inches: 5.5

mm: 140