The Altor SAF Trailer Lock is the first power tool proof trailer lock! 

Thieves using power tools is the new normal. If you do not have this lock, your trailer and its cargo are vulnerable to being stolen in seconds. The SAF 2000 features Altor's patent pending SAF Tech, a radial finned structure formed from a premium hardened alloy steel that is too thick to be penetrated by angle grinders so hard it destroys reciprocating saw blades, and shock resistant enough to withstand repeated blows from a sledge hammer ensuring that you have the ultimate peace of mind that your trailer is safe. 

In addition to being the most secure trailer lock on the market the SAF 2000 is the most weather proof trailer lock on the market. Designed with extreme weatherproofing, this means that the SAF 2000’s high security disc detainer mechanism is encased in a stainless steel lock body that will not corrode from the elements. For additional level of protection the SAF 2000 has an internal dynamic seal and weatherproofing cap that form an airtight seal ensuring that no corrosion causing moisture or mechanism seizing dust enter your lock mechanism.

Lastly the SAF 2000’s one piece design installs in seconds. Simple and easy! 

Features and benefits:

  • Patent pending power tool resistant SAF Tech.
    • SAF Tech Geometry can not be penetrated by angle grinders up to 5”
    • Premium hardened alloy steel blunts reciprocating saw blades and drill bits rendering them useless
    • Tough enough to withstand repeated attacks from sledge hammers and pry bars
  • Extreme weather proofing for maximum life span and reliability.
    • All stainless steel lock body for maximum corrosion resistance
    • Dynamic mechanism seal prevents corrosion causing moisture from damaging the mechanism
    • Weather Proofing Cap prevents dust and debris compromising the locks reliability
  • High security disc detainer lock mechanism
  • One piece design installs in seconds
  • Fits most common 2” couplers with a flat lip (See coupler fit guide)

Package Includes:

  • 1 SAF Trailer Lock
  • 4 high security disc detainer keys

Weight: 18 lbs

All of our products are covered by our extensive warranty and 30 day trial


SHIPPING DELAYS | Update 11.20.2021 | We regret that making of the SAF2000Trailer Lock is experiencing manufacturing challenges resulting from the supply chain shortages. Shipping  late January 2022

If you have any concerns about delivery, please send us an email. ~ Thank You

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SAF Trailer Lock Tote Bag
SAF Trailer Lock Tote Bag

SAF Trailer Lock Tote Bag


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edwin H.
Top Notch

Just what you come to expect from Altor. Top Notch Quality in everything they make.

Tote bag

This bag makes it easy to put the lock away without chipping the paint instead of dropping it into the truck. The bag seems strong enough to handle the weight with good handles. I would buy it again.

Frank M.
SAF Trailer Lock Tote Bag

The tote bag is well made with heavy duty materials and reinforcements to transport and store my SAF Trailer Lock when not in use or during trailering. It should provide me with many years of use and I am very satisfied with my purchase and with Altor Locks in general.

FIT Guidance
for 2" Couplers

The SAF 2000 fits most SAE Class I-IV rated A-frame and channel mount couplers designed for 2" hitch balls.

Note: The SAF 2000 is designed to secure 2" ball couplers with a flat lip design as found on these popular brands.

See below for additional fit guidance.

Standard A-frame Coupler

Standard Channel Mount Coupler

 "Demco" Coupler

The SAF Trailer Lock vs Reciprocating Saw

The SAF Trailer Lock vs Drilling and Hole Saw

The SAF Trailer Lock vs Brute Force


Defends and protects against these attacks


Altor's patent pending SAF Tech Design's unique radial fin and a specialized formulation of hardened cast steel destroys the cutting edge on angle grinder blades up to five inches.


Physical properties of our hardened steel is incredibly tough and quickly dulls and breaks saw blade teeth rendering them useless and ineffective against our SAFTech.


The lock mechanism is designed with an anti-drill feature where drill bits and hole saws cannot dig in and have no leverage, spinning in place.


Our hardened cast steel design and specialized formulation will withstand brute force attacks from pry bars, crowbars and sledge hammers. 


Our disc detainer locks have multiple disc tumblers making the lock highly secure and incredibly pick resistant.Per Lock Picking Lawyer, "This lock is un-pickable on the street." (link to youtube)


The easy-to-grip safety cap and series of internal seals lock out moisture, dust, mud, and debris, from the lock body, preventing corrosion and internal lock mechanism jams and freezing. 

Installation is a snap, installs in seconds.


Juggling not necessary

Step 1

Remove cap and insert key. Turn key to the unlock position.

Step 2

Place the SAF Trailer Lock onto your coupler. Turn key to the lock position. 

Step 3

Secure cap. Enjoy Peace of Mind.