Double 560G

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The Double 560G Package - Doubling the length of the 560G

The 560G is the world's lightest strongest bicycle lock. Our innovative folding design made from grade 5 titanium super alloy allows the 560G to withstand the toughest attacks while folding up to fit in any bag or purse. The double 560G package retains these outstanding features while offering double the reach and security of a single lock through the 560G's ability to combine with any other 560G. This package includes 2 560G's with matching key codes so that one key can be used with both locks.

560G Features:

  • Ultra high-strength Grade 5 titanium Components
  • High security disc detainer lock mechanism
  • Modular design allows multiple 560G's to be combined for extra security and reach
  • Slim folding design
  • Anodized finish
  • PVC bike scratch protection coating
  • 1168 gram total weight (584 grams each)

This Package Includes:

  • Two 560G's
  • Two 560Grasp bicycle mounts
  • Four matching high security disc detainer mechanism keys 
  • Four Velcro belt clip straps

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