The only power tool proof Trailer Lock

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Keep your trailered property Secure and Fortified
with the only power tool proof trailer lock.

Available for 2" and 2 5/16" Couplers.

How secure is your camper, trailer, tools, and toys?

Whatever needs to be hauled by a trailer is vulnerable to attack by power tools. Thieves use power tools! Portable angle grinders and power tools are the new norm in trailer theft. The ONLY trailer lock to stand up under a power tool attack, is the SAF Trailer Lock.

Altor decided to tackle and solve this new industry security threat, and made the most secure trailer coupler lock with our patent pending SAF Tech design. The SAF Tech unique geometry of the radial cast steel fin design, destroys the cutting edge on angle grinders up to 5” blades, reciprocating saws, drill bit attacks, as well as defeating traditional tools that attack using brute force like a sledge hammer.

Every other lock can be cut within a matter of seconds.

At ALTOR headquarters, we tested the most popular locks and none stood up longer than 120 seconds against an angle grinder attack. The SAF Trailer Lock, survived a concentrated attack by angle grinder, lasting over an hour and thirty-two minutes of continuous power and brute force tool attack.

The SAF Trailer Lock vs Reciprocating Saw

The SAF Trailer Lock vs Drill and Hole Saw

The SAF Trailer Lock vs Brute Force 

The SAF Trailer Lock vs Brute Force & Power Tool attacks

"... as for its resistance to brute force,
Simply put - it is one of the best you can buy.

I would not hesitate to use ..."

                                  -The Lock Picking Lawyer


We designed a lock that addresses the threat your trailered property will face -- a thief with a power tool. 


Finally, a high security lock tested and proven to truly secure your property from thieves with power tools! 

  • Unique radial fin design is engineered to challenge power bladed tools
  • 20 lbs of  hardened cast steel for increased hardness, strength, ductility and toughness
  • Pick resistant disc detainer lock mechanism
  • Anti-drill design prevents direct attacks to the internal lock body
  • Multiple internal seals to protect lock mechanism from moisture and corrosion
  • Easy to grip cap seals out moisture and debris for additional extreme weatherproofing

Keep your trailered property Secure and Fortified with the only power tool proof trailer lock.




Unbreakable by design. Unyielding security.

Engineered to keep what is yours secured against power tool and brute force attacks with our Trailer Locks with SAF TECH

Engineered to give you Peace of Mind so you can do more and worry less.


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The making of a better lock

We are redefining physical security locks.  We recognize that thieves have upgraded to using power tools and unlike other lock companies, ALTOR is creating a new level of physical locks that will deliver high security protection. Inspired by the theft challenges experienced by bikers/cyclist and our first bike lock with SAF Tech, the SAF Lock, we have continued to expand our SAF TECH features into our newest product, the SAF Trailer Lock. 

Designed with SAF TECH features that will protect and secure your property from brute force to power tools attacks, our collection of locks are design to give you Peace of Mind so you can do more and worry less.