The 560G

"The 560G represents the pinnacle of bicycle security"

Designed and optimized to secure your bike's frame and rear wheel to posts, racks and common city signage, the 560G is not only one of the lightest bicycle locks on the market, it is the only ultra lightweight lock designed to exceed industry security standards.

Built from Titanium 

High quality titanium holds the secret to lightweight and secure. The body of the 560G is made up of solid grade 5 titanium links and joints. Grade 5 is significantly stronger than commercially pure titanium while possessing lower thermal conductivity and maintaining the same stiffness. It is uncommon in the bicycle industry and has historically been used in aerospace. 

Patented Design

The joints are part of a patented design which only the 560G has. The 560G's three piece washer design creates a foldable lock with no trade-off between security and portability. 

Push Button Lock

The 560G uses an industry best, 6 disc detainer lock with a push button mechanism meaning you won't need your key when locking your bike. All together, the 560G not only rivals any other bicycle lock in terms of protection, it is also lightweight and extremely easy to use.

What the 560G Means to Bicycle Security

Uncompromised Strength

The 560G is lightweight, weighing in at just 1.2lbs, but the grade 5 titanium design means we didn't have to sacrifice security. At half an inch thick and a 36 on the Rockwell hardness scale, the 560G will not only prevent attacks from handsaws but it will dull their blades. 

Protection against chisels and wedges

The 560G's patented design makes it the only folding lock specifically designed with defenses against chisles and wedges. Unlike most folding locks where the joint is the weakest link, the 560G has a 3 phase washer design which protects against anything penetrating its joints. 

Designed to Beat Bolt Cutters

The 560G was specifically designed and tested to defeat bolt cutters up to 48 inchs long using not only sheer strength but also brains. The 560G was designed so that the circumference of the lock is never small enough to fit entirely into the mouth of bolt cutters, making it impossible to efficiently use bolt cutters against the 560G.  

Extendable Length

The 560G's length can be extended from 26 inches to 52 inches or even longer by locking one 560G to another. This allows you to lock your bike around larger objects, such as telephone poles, and to lock multiple bikes together. 

Multiple Ways to Carry

The 560G is carried many ways and every 560G comes with our bottle cage mount, the 560Grasp. 


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