High-Security - A lock should be able to withstand attacks from bolt cutters, saws and other common theft devices. The 560G's half-inch thick grade 5 titanium is engineered and shaped to do just that. It defeats bolt cutters and dulls saw blades. This is a high-security lock above all else. 

Low Weight - You'll be carrying your lock with you everywhere so every pound counts. The 560G weighs just 1.2 pounds, making it a fifth of the weight of normal u-locks. 

Easy to Use -  We find that you have to like your lock or won't use it. The 560G is easy to carry, easy to lock and an enjoyable experience. The 560G is foldable and includes a frame mount for ease of transport. The 560G allows for keyless locking and has a scuff preventing coating so it doesn't damage your bike. You like your bike, and you should like your lock.