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SAF Lock Single Pre-Order $100 Off

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The Altor SAF Lock is the world's first angle grinder proof lock. Angle grinders have become the new norm in bike theft yet every bike lock on the market is only designed to protect against hand tools. At Altor we've been making and selling bike locks for years and have seen first-hand how destructive angle grinders can be. It became our mission to do the impossible. We created the best, most secure bike lock in the world. Made from a 14mm hardened steel shackle, wrapped in patented aluminum shell and attached on both sides to a double locking cross bar inside a hardened steel case, the SAF Lock will defend your bike against even the most determined attack. The SAF Lock comes with three matching keys, so you can share with a friend and have a backup in case one is lost.

The SAF Lock Features:

  • A 14mm hardened steel shackle
  • Our patented aluminum protective shackle
  • 80mm shackle diameter
  • Double Locking Cross Bar
  • High security disc detainer lock mechanism
  • Soft Outer Coating to protect your bike
  • 6.2 kgs total weight
  • 200 x 280 mm outer dimension
  • 80 x 140 mm inner dimension

This Package Includes:

  • One Altor SAF Locks
  • matching laser engraved high security disc detainer keys 

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