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The APEX Ti is the second generation of Altor locks, combining high-strength titanium with our patented folding design to create a lock that will keep your bike safe without weighing you down. Our innovative folding design made from Grade 5 aerospace, titanium alloy allows the APEX Ti to withstand the toughest attacks while folding easily to fit in your bag or on your bike.

For our second generation we have added 4 inches in total length to the lock and hardened steel details to help protect from power tool attacks. 

The APEX Ti Features:

  • Ultra high-strength Grade 5 titanium components
  • High security disc detainer lock mechanism
  • Hardened steel rivet caps to protect against power tools
  • Modular design allows multiple APEX Ti locks to be combined for extra security and extra reach
  • Slim folding design
  • Laser engraved details
  • Clear coat scratch protection coating
  • 715 gram total weight
  • 30.5 inches in length fully extended, end to end

This Package Includes:

  • One APEX Ti
  • One newly designed APEX bicycle mount
  • Four matching laser engraved high security disc detainer keys 

All of our products are covered by our extensive warranty and 30 day trial