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Double APEX TI

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The Double APEX Ti Package - Doubling the Length of the APEX Ti

The APEX Ti is the second generation of Altor Locks, using a Grade 5 titanium aerospace alloy and our patented folding design, to save weight while preserving security. Easy to carry, the Double APEX Ti's slim profile will keep your bike looking and feeling good while riding and safe when you're done. Our innovative modular folding design allows two or more locks to be locked end-to-end expanding the length of our locks to fit any need. 

The Double APEX Ti package retains these outstanding features while offering added value, double the reach and identically keyed locks for convenience

The Double APEX Ti Features:

  • Ultra high-strength Grade 5 titanium components
  • High security disc detainer lock mechanism
  • Hardened steel rivet caps to protect against power tools
  • Modular design allows multiple APEX Ti locks to be combined for extra security and extra reach
  • Slim folding design
  • Laser engraved details
  • Clear coat scratch protection coating
  • 1430 gram total weight (715 grams each)
  • 61 inches in length fully extended, end to end

This Package Includes:

  • Two APEX Ti’s
  • Two newly designed APEX bicycle frame mounts
  • Eight matching laser engraved high security disc detainer keys

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