Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Hurry! This unprecedented offer—up to 40% off Altor Locks—is available for a limited time only

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Searching high and low for the perfect gift for your favorite person? Well, we at Altor can help.

1) size fits all. No need to worry if the giftee wears a medium or a large. This gift fits all bicycles.
2) ...super useful: It’s not only sexy, but practical too! What more could you ask for?
3) ...easy to install: Everything the user needs comes in the box. (Note: Bike not included.)
4) elegant and high-end luxury gift for the cyclist in your life.
5)'s on trend: bikes have sold out across the country, either for socially distant transport, exercise, or a mental retreat. Most likely you have a loved one with a new bike, and it will need a lockup.
6) Because bike theft is at an all-time high! But who said you can’t buy peace-of-mind?
7) So...gifting a bike lock shows that you support the recipient’s health and wellbeing, their stress-free pursuit of two-wheeled stress relief. “Yes, honey,” it says, “go ahead, get out there and ride!”

Plus, on top of all that, your purchase of an Altor lock supports a small business—no small thing if you ask us. So give the gift of bike security this season, and feel good doing it. (And were you to spring for a Double APEX and gift yourself an Altor, could anyone blame you? Just sayin...)

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