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AsSeenOnTv and Altor Locks Commercial Showing on a Network Near You

Starting today, this could happen to you: You’re flipping through the channels or catching the latest action on NBC Sports when something catches your eye—a svelte but sturdy something. The APEX Ti 

Perhaps you’ve been ogling this thing of Grade 5 titanium beauty online. Perhaps you bought one for your nephew but *really* wish you had your own. 
And now Altor’s 60-second AsSeenOnTV spot is positioning this pinnacle of bike security squarely top of mind...
Didn’t catch the whole minute? Watch the full spot here:

Like what you see? Take advantage of this prime opportunity for an epic deal! Get 20% of the APEX Ti, or save even more and purchase the Double APEX Ti. Additionally, order now and we will ship it to you for FREE (within the U.S)!! 

We deliver peace of mind. Do more, worry less—with Altor.

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