ICON Trailer Lock Awarded US Patent, and Now Fits Virtually Every Coupler


Today we announce that Altor Locks ICON Trailer Coupler Lock has been awarded US Patent 11,766,905 B2. Additionally, Altor has released an expanded customized coupler fit, and now fits over 95% of the market.

Background for Patent Award: Despite the advances in lock designs, trailers continue to be stolen by thieves wielding portable powered power tools, especially angle grinders. As batteries become more powerful and efficient, so have portable power tools. Now Thieves attack the material of the locks and can cut through vulnerable parts in minutes. Additionally, locks are at the mercy of outdoor elements and moisture infiltration and rusting degrade or may freeze critical mechanisms causing locking/unlocking malfunction.

"The ICON Lock’s geometry is specifically built to defend our customers' trailers from thieves using power tools. Forcing the thief to move on to an easier target,” — stated company co-founder and inventor Dylan Cato

Patent Award: Altors’ ICON Trailer Coupler Locks are specifically built to address the above limitations and due to unique patented structure and internal locking mechanism, stand strong to power tools, brute force, and Mother Nature. The trailer hitch lock provides a finned, external shell around a centrally-disposed lock assembly. The material of the Shell, its distribution of fins, and the fin dimensions all cooperate to defeat a destructive attack on the lock by a portable angle grinder.

Specific features include:

1. Patented power tool resistant design and unique fin geometry deters angle grinder blades up to 5 inches.

2. Hardened cast steel for increased hardness, strength, and toughness will withstand repeated brute force attacks. Watch our Engineering Test Videos.

3. Unique anti-drill design prevents direct attacks to the internal lock body / locking mechanism.

4. Premium high security disc detainer lock is extremely pick resistant. Watch Lock Picking Lawyer's Video

5. Easy to grip cap and internal seals keeps out moisture and debris for extreme weather resistance.

Thus, Altor Locks are specifically engineered to defy thieves with power tools. All conventional trailer locks can be cut under 120 seconds or less, unlike the ICON. The ICON trailer lock survived a concentrated attack by angle grinder, lasting over an hour and thirty-two minutes of continuous power tool attack using 14 blades, and 8 battery packs. Watch the test here. Making the ICON 100X stronger than other locks on the market. ICON is the new GOLD STANDARD, a different class of lock evolving with thee times.

The New ICON Fits Virtually Every Coupler: When it comes to keeping your trailer and its valuable contents safe from theft, you can now choose the ICON Collection, as we now fit all major OEM couplers made, that's 95% of the market.

The ICON Lock is currently available at altorlocks.com, amazon.com, and tractorsupply.com.

About Altor Locks
Headquartered in Sterling, Va., Altor Locks is a woman- and minority-owned company. CEO and Co-Founder Karen Schaufeld, an avid cyclist who was looking for a lightweight and easily portable bike lock, met Co-Founder, Engineer and Inventor Dylan Cato through a Lehigh University product development program. Their goal was – and continues to be – to improve the quality of bike and trailer locks on the market. The Altor team creates innovative bicycle and trailer locks that offer the highest standard of security, using the world's best materials, technology and innovative design to create products unlike anything else available. All Altor Locks are designed and assembled in Sterling, VA. Visit www.altorlocks.com

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