Just Shipped Apex Lock #13 To A Front Line Hero In Need

We noticed the essential workforce is choosing to drive or bike as the mass transit options are limited and unsafe. We started to donate Apex locks to help keep Health Care Commuters bicycles secure from theft, while they are working the Front Line. We just shipped our 13th lock to a Front Line Hero in need. 

Shown below is one of these heroes on the front line, and we are grateful to him, and proud to be able to help. How? By providing him with our Apex Lock, keeping his ride safe while he takes his place with his co-workers on the front line.

Read the story here on Twitter about a young doctor whose bicycle was stolen while he was on shift at the hospital, and see how we were inspired. We sent our SAF Lock, check out the Twitter posting here. 

If you know someone who needs this kind of help, please ask them to DM us on any of our social media accounts, or send us an email at info@altorlocks.com and we will coordinate. 

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