Karen's One-Pot Meal Recipe

Easy, tasty, and filling on a cold winter day, make at home,
or as we prefer over a warm campfire.

Ingredients + Instructions

1/2 lb of Bacon, cooked and chopped (save bacon fat)
Carrots, chopped
1 Bunch of Celery, chopped
1 Onion, chopped 
1 Small Bag of Lentils
1 Boullion Cube
Pinch Pepper,
to taste
Pinch Salt, to taste
Pinch Oregano, to taste
Pinch Rosemary, to taste
Optional: 1 cup red wine
Optional: Any veggies chopped that you have in your 
refrigerator, chop and add.

Instructions: Combine 1-2 Tbs. of bacon fat and chopped onion and tightly put on the lid to sweat the onions to draw out the flavor.

Sweating is the process of releasing flavors with moisture and low temperatures. Olive oils, in this case, is used just to hold the non-volatile flavors as they're released from the onion. No browning takes place. The pan is covered so the lid traps steam, which condenses and drips back on to the onions.

Add in the carrots and celery, simmer until starting to soften. Add in the lentils, salt, pepper, and the remaining ingredients and give them a stir. Add in wine. Reduce heat to low, and simmer until ingredients are softened and flavors meld. One Pot Meal can stay on the stove for up to 3 hours, perfect for a campfire get together and a cozy, ready-when-you-need-it, delicious warm nourishment for guests.
Best served in heat-proof mugs. Enjoy with friends and family.

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