RecPro Partners with Altor Locks to Help RV Owners Stop Thieves

Altor welcomes our latest distribution partner -  RecPro, the premier supplier of RV furniture and accessories. The ICON Trailer Lock is available to retail and wholesale customers at Read more about it on RV - RecPro Partners with Altor Locks to Help RV Owners Secure Their Property

RV, boat, utility, dump, enclosed cargo, and automotive trailers are stolen daily.

"Trailer theft is challenging. Unlike vehicles (most of the time), trailers are simply towed away,” Los Angeles Police Department Detective Randy Blancq wrote in a 2023 NATDA blog post,

Conventional locks and other anti-theft devices are no match for thieves with modern power tools. This Canadian Broadcasting Corporation article is about a small business owner in Ontario hit by the same thieves twice - even after installing $4K in police-recommended security upgrades.

For $349 he could have an ICON, his trailers, stuff, lost wages, happy customers  ... and  NO aggravation. 

Keep your trailers and property safe!

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