SAF Trailer Coupler Lock. What Is Happening Now? Fabrication Stage.

We just wanted to give you an update on our Altor SAF2000 and SAF2516 Trailer Coupler Lock. 

Currently, our lock is in the fabrication and production stage. This is where the SAF Tech design steel form is made [see the first image], and then the steel form is hardened [see second image].

SAF Trailer Lock Raw Steel Form SAF Trailer Coupler Lock Hardening Process


Next Stage? Assembly.

We expect that we will begin assembly of our lock and locking mechanism next week. Remember the SAF Trailer Coupler Lock is designed and assembled right here in our Herndon Virginia warehouse.

We will continue to keep you informed as our lock is being produced. Hurry and make your purchase while the pre-order discount is being offered use promo code: VIPACCESS. Available for a limited time!

For those who have pre-ordered the SAF Trailer Coupler Lock view the graphic below for where were are in the manufacturing process, as we get ready to fulfill the pre-orders. 

Your Order Status

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