This One’s for the Bike Moms

Moms bike. Some bike fast. Some bike to the delivery room(!). Many—many—moms bike for fun, for fitness, for the feeling of the wind in their hair.

You almost certainly know a bike mom. There are so many ways to be one. 

Some, perhaps not passionate about biking themselves, patiently put their children on the path to two-wheeled freedom nonetheless. They steady those wobbly no-training-wheels rides; bandage the all-but-inevitable skinned knees; humor requests for streamers, for baskets, for helmets with mohawks or decals.

There are those who bike with their kids. They strap toddlers into bike seats, tow them in trailers, load up longtails or bakfietsen (Dutch for “box bikes”) with the most precious of cargo for trips to preschool or the park.

Others accumulate bike mom cred through bike advocacy, through tireless efforts to make streets safer for everyone, to connect could-be cyclists with resources and support, to build community around biking.

Whether the bike mom in your life is a weekend warrior or a diehard bike commuter or the one who awoke in you a lifelong love of cycling, celebrate her this month as such. (Is it coincidence that Mother’s Day falls in National Bike Month? We think not!)

How does one celebrate a bike mom? 
Bike with her, if you can. On a trail or a neighborhood loop, to a picnic spot or a streetery or a trailhead. The fresh air, exercise, and togetherness will do you both good. 

Or, bike to her. Pay your mom that (COVID-precautions-taken) visit she’s been longing for, but get yourself to her place by bike. If there are grandchildren in the picture, contrive for them to safely come along. Include your bike mom in the next generation’s introduction to two-wheeled transportation. 

Maybe make a donation in your bike mom’s honor to a bike-related nonprofit she supports or speak up for a bike-related cause she holds dear. 

Or here’s an idea: This year, gift bike gear in lieu of the usual flowers or chocolates. A new helmet. A snazzy jersey. A premium bike lock, perhaps? 
Cyclists of all stripes ride more and worry less with an Altor in their kit. Give peace of mind this Bike Month—this Mother’s Day—with 20% off any APEX or APEX Ti purchase.

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