What Makes a Great Lock? Careful Craftsmanship!

When each component of a product is designed for precision and made from a material precisely matched to the application at hand, careful craftsmanship is essential to pull it all together.

Apex Locking Mechinism  SAF Lock Part

Each Altor lock is assembled by hand in our Sterling, Virginia headquarters by a small team. Austin, Forest, and Dylan know the orbital riveter, arbor press, and CNC Machine like the back of their hands. Quality control is their jam. 

Dylan Working










Dylan is riveting the final joint on an Apex using our Orbital riveting machine.

Forest Working    Austin Working

(Left) Forest is putting finishing touches on an Apex after its lock mechanism has been installed. (Right) Austin is pressing the Cam onto a lock mechanism that will later be installed into a SAF Lock.


Need a lockup for your ride? We’re offering you our APEXthe same lock we donated to front line medical workers—at the deeply discounted price of $98 (regularly $148). Or score a Double APEX for $184 (regularly $284).

Apex Lock Sale

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