Extra Frame Mount - Altor Locks
Extra Frame Mount - Altor Locks
Extra Frame Mount - Altor Locks
Extra Frame Mount - Altor Locks
Extra Frame Mount - Altor Locks
Extra Frame Mount - Altor Locks

APEX Frame Mount

An extra frame mount is the best way to securely attach your APEX or Apex Ti on a second bike. Made from a durable fiber reinforced plastic, our APEX mount is a completely new design and built for years of use. Designed to be compatible with any water bottle cage frame mount or adapter. A mount comes standard with every APEX purchase, but if you need a second one you're in luck. 

If you have a second bike, you may want a second mount. 

 Our Mount Features:  

  • Sleek low profile design
  • Durable fiber reinforced plastic construction

This Package Includes: 

  • One Mount
  • One vulcanized rubber strap
  • Two 5mm stainless steel cap screws

All of our products are covered by our extensive warranty and 30 day trial


Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews

Best lock out there for my mountain bike when i go to the gym or travel to work on it i no longer worry about it being stolen ultimate peace of mind i bought 2 and left them at each location when people notice it there impressed I'm always looking for the greatest sadly can't use this on my dualtron storm limited escooter i look forward to more innovative products maybe a disc lock alarm d lock defenitly somthing for escooters thanks for this absolute beast of a lock.

paul f.
Great Lock

Can leave Bike,and know its still there when you come back.
I carry mine by securing around seat post whilst cycling.

Daniel D.
Great, heavy but still fits in my basket.

Feels very secure, which is all I asked for, the size of it is a little limiting (In terms of places you can lock it), but when I called and asked if I could return had it not fit, they said 'Of Course'. Luckily it did end up fitting. I can see a few File marks where people have tried having a little go at the lock, but it holds strong! No serious attacks and hopefully the lock will never have to fend one off, but I'd still feel confident.

I'd Highly recommend.