About Us

Altor was founded on the idea that cyclists should not be forced to use heavy and bulky steel bike locks to securely lock their bikes. Our team works everyday to create innovative bicycle security products that offer our customers a higher standard of security. This higher standard is achieved by combining the world's best materials, technology, and innovative design to create products unlike anything on the market.

Tested to Endure

The 560G is a bicycle lock with a level of design and detail which we feel surpasses any other on the market. The 560G not only meets any industry standard, it exceeds them with a patent pending design. From the 560G's solid grade 5 titanium links to its three piece bolt cutter resistant joints, the 560G will keep your bicycle safe. 

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Altor began in 2016 with the launch of the 560G on Kickstarter, where 378 amazing backers raised over $80,000 to make the 560G and Altor a reality. In our headquarters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we assemble, test and package every product we make. We service all of our customers from here which include many independent bike shops and bike riders from over 20 countries.