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Angle Grinder Bike Theft

Bike thieves using angle grinders in broad daylight is the new normal. Don't let this happen to you. #BikeThievesSuck

London, UK (February 2020)

Four bike thieves with angle grinders steal bikes in broad daylight. When one of the bike owner tries to get his bike back, one of the thieves threaten him with an angle grinder. (Article)

Vancouver, Canada (June 2020)

Bike thief caught trying to casually angle grind a bike lock that he claims is his. (CTV Vancouver)

Portland, USA (October 2019)

No one could possible use an angle grinder in my bike room, right? We wish that were true but unfortunately bike rooms are like treasure chest for bike thieves. Watch as these thieves angle grind away at 4am in a Portland bike room. (KPTV)