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APEX Carrying Options for Every Cyclist

Altor’s APEX Series boasts not only security and elegance, but also portability. Foldable and lightweight, the APEX and APEX Ti are a breeze to bring along on your two-wheeled travels. Read on to find the carrying option that’s right for you.

Frame Mount

Every APEX and APEX Ti ships with a mount you can attach to your bike anywhere you would a standard water bottle cage. Made from durable fiber reinforced plastic and vulcanized rubber, the APEX mount will securely affix your lock to your bike frame (seat tube or down tube, most likely) for years to come.

Bicycling had only good things to say about the APEX’s mount: “Its bottle mount held up; in testing, the Apex stayed put and didn’t rattle as we pedaled.”

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Frame Mount - Altorlocks

APEX Saddle Bag

Altor partnered with Alchemy Goods to create the APEX Saddle Bag as an alternative carrying option.     Sized to hold two APEX locks or a single lock plus tools, the APEX Saddle Bag has a waxed canvas and reclaimed bicycle inner tube exterior and stainless steel hardware. This durable, versatile, eco-friendly, and American-made saddle bag is a great choice if, say, you don’t want to sacrifice hydration—i.e. give up a water bottle cage—for security.

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SKS-Germany Bicycle Attachment Mount

With e-bikes increasingly popular (and other relative newcomers to the bicycle line-up prioritizing sleekness over maximal utility), some users may find that they have nowhere to affix the frame mount that comes with their APEX. The SKS-Germany Anywhere Without Topcage offers a solution. This system, which comprises two adapters and two durable hook-and-loop fastener straps, enables the APEX mount to be attached almost anywhere on the bike. (Popular locations include the undersides of the top tube and down tube.) The straps can be shortened easily and fit on tubes up to 80 mm in diameter. The rubberized surface of the adapters protects your frame and ensures that nothing slips even during a hard ride in rough terrain.

Endless Possibilities...

Because the APEX and APEX Ti are so slim and light, they’re easy to slip into a pannier, a saddle bag, a frame bag, or a handlebar bag alongside your tools, your snacks, your clothing, your camping gear… Throw one in your backpack or messenger bag, or even in your jersey pocket. Got an innovative way to make sure your APEX Series lock is always along for the ride? Let us know at or on social media!