Design Details

The APEX Ti is designed to be a joy to use and every detail on the lock has been refined over years of R&D. Our lock is not only secure but also engineered with your riding experience in mind.


The Weigh-In

Heavy locks hurt your ride quality. At 715 grams, or 1.5 pounds, the APEX Ti is extremely light, weighing less than half of a normal u-lock. The weight savings are found through engineering and the use of aerospace Grade 5 titanium. The APEX Ti is the only lock to use Grade 5 titanium, an alloy which is considerably harder than the titanium found in bicycle frames.  


In addition to being lightweight, the APEX is also folds compactly making it the ideal lock for carrying. Our patented Shield Joints and cylindrical design are found on no other locks and the APEX Ti the only folding titanium lock. A single APEX will secure your rear wheel and frame to a post and if you need more length, our locks can be locked end-to-end to form one larger lock.


The Finish

The APEX Ti is finished with laser engraved details and a frame protecting clear coat. Each lock comes with four brass keys and our push-button locking mechanism means you won't even need your key to lock your lock, only to unlock it, a feature you'll especially appreciate on cold days.