Fit Guidance

FIT Guidance
for 2 5/16" Couplers

The SAF 2516 fits most SAE Class I-IV rated A-frame and channel mount couplers designed for 2-5/16" hitch balls.

Note: The SAF 2516 is designed to secure 2 5/16" couplers with a flat lip design as found on these popular brands.

See below for additional fit guidance.

Standard A-frame Coupler

Standard Channel Mount Coupler

 "Demco" Coupler

Installation is a snap, installs in seconds.


Juggling not necessary

Step 1

Remove cap and insert key. Turn key to the unlock position.

Step 2

Place the SAF Trailer Lock onto your coupler. Turn key to the lock position. 

Step 3

Secure cap. Enjoy Peace of Mind.

The SAF Trailer Lock vs Reciprocating Saw

The SAF Trailer Lock vs Drilling and Hole Saw

The SAF Trailer Lock vs Brute Force